Expected outcomes:


  • test activation of Mechanism and all existing procedures in case of emergency situations, especially in case of CBRN accidents, which result in a further development of standard operation procedures as requiring special attention
  • elaborate baseline solutions connected to such incident that might happen during the events related to man-made disasters,
  • verification of existing country to country agreements (e.g. Ukraine-Poland and Ukraine-Lithuania) and testing its practical implementation in case of major emergencies,
  • practice the process and its procedures of evaluation of full scale field exercises organised in the framework of EU Civil Protection Mechanism,
  • increasing the level of European conscience among Ukrainian Citizens, introduction of quantifiable benefits and capacities of EU Civil Protection Mechanism, promotion of joint activities,
  • share knowledge about EU Civil Protection Mechanism with strategic partner for European Union – Ukraine, especially through dissemination of minimum required standards and procedures in the framework of civil protection valid for EU Participating States.

   Co-funded by European Union Civil Protection