It is the project on full scale protection exercise - EU-CHEM-REACT that has received support and was awarded an EU grant in 2017. The project will develop interoperability between EU countries and Ukraine.


What is EU-CHEM-REACT about?

The project concentrates on testing planning and preparedness to CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) related disasters including chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, biological agents and toxins and radiological material.



The project was developed and has been be run by an international consortium composed of:

  • The International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security (ICCSS) in Warsaw - as the international coordinator.
  • Ukraine (Lviv State University of Life Safety)
  • Poland (Main School of Fire Service)
  • Czech Republic (Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic)
  • Latvia (State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia)
  • Lithuania (Fire Safety Works and Services Association of Lithuania)
  • The OSCE project Coordination Office in Kyiv


Why it is needed?

Ukraine recently introduced new organization of civil protection. That reorganization affects disaster prevention and response. New system was established as a result of latest experience and political conditions.

The performance of the new system, its efficiency and capacity to interoperate with the neighboring European Union countries, European institutions and with European Union standards and procedures needs to be fully tested.



Carry out major emergency simulation exercise, in the context of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, making it possible to respond to a man-made disaster and fight the consequences of it.



  • verify current status of Ukraine preparedness for chemical and chemical related incidents of a CBRN nature and magnitude,
  • create, within the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and neighbouring countries, a common basis of understanding concerning the tasks, procedures and co-operation during international civil protection assistance interventions,
  • build up a capacity to work in a multinational environment, with competent national authorities and under extreme conditions,
  • checking different options of activation of EU Civil Protection Mechanism (e. g. third country where main emergency occurs or participating state threatened by expected situation development (toxic cloud moving towards country border)
  • check international intervention teams’ capabilities when they are working together in common staff to deal with a crisis and also cooperation in the field to deal with single threat

Expected outcomes

  • The development of a competent Ukraine teams to cooperate with EU countries and EU institutions in implementing EU Civil Protection regulations and practices.
  • Establishment of the bilateral cooperation between Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian authorities and international partners, in civil protection and chemical security.
  • Test activation of Mechanism and all existing procedures in case of emergency situations, especially in case of CBRN accidents.

The project consists of:

  • Table Top exercise (TTX) on first stage
  • Full Scale exercise (FSX) as a main event

   Co-funded by European Union Civil Protection