Final Planning Conference

 In the preparation part for the FSX, the Final Planning Conference took place on 25-26 June in Lviv University of Life Safety.

Representatives from Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia participated in this conference.



The purpose of this conference was to discuss the preparatory actions to be taken for correct execution of the project.


During the conference participants agreed on:

  • the final participation list of resources, rescuers, experts, observers and VIPs from each countries and partner
  • procedures during border crossing process of arriving teams,
  • logistic and transports aspects
  • proposed scenarios to ensure they follow and provide continuity of TTX and respond the declared technical capacities.




  • the declared resources from all participated countries
  • the main scenarios
  • the EXCON and LEMA structure and key teams. Key teams coloured vest are accepted
  • the time framework for the FEX

   Co-funded by European Union Civil Protection